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Dental Implants – Livonia, MI

Beautiful Tooth Replacement
That Lasts a Lifetime

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Traditional tooth replacements only bring back the part you can see, which certainly helps with aesthetics, but doesn’t give patients the strength and function they need when it comes to speaking and eating. Dental implants in Livonia, however, bring back both the root and crown of a tooth using a small titanium post placed within the jawbone that provides support for a new crown, bridge, or denture. These prosthetics are the next best thing to natural teeth, and at SAAV Prosthodontics, you can have your smile rebuilt by a certified expert who has already used them to help countless patients. To learn more about implants and what they could do for you, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose SAAV Prosthodontics for Dental Implants?

Benefits of Dental Implants

Animation of implant supported tooth

The reason dental implants are widely considered the gold standard of tooth replacement is that they offer a number of unique advantages:

Indications for Dental Implants

Dentist showing patient dental implant model

So what does a patient need in order to be a good candidate for dental implants? All that’s required is a mouth and jawbone healthy enough to support the new roots. Once this has been confirmed with an exam, our dentists can use implants to help with any degree of tooth loss:

Missing One Tooth

Animation of implant supported dental crown

Instead of a bridge or partial denture, a single implant root topped with a porcelain crown can be positioned between two healthy teeth without disturbing them at all. This approach preserves more of a patient’s natural dental structure, which is always best.

Single Tooth Dental Implants

Missing Multiple Teeth

Animation of Implant supported fixed bridge

A small number of implant roots can also be used to secure a bridge or partial denture to replace multiple teeth at the same time. These prosthetics are smaller and fit more comfortably within the mouth compared to regular ones, and they also have a much stronger fit.

Multiple Tooth Implants

Missing All Teeth

Animation of implant supported denture

It only takes four to six implants to replace an entire row of teeth using a full denture. The prosthetic simply fits over the roots, and once it’s attached, patients will never have to worry about their teeth moving unwantedly again. Even better, implant dentures have been shown to keep their initial fit for many years at a time.

Start-to-Finish Convenience

Model smile and dental implants

Prosthodontists like our own Dr. Uchil and Dr. Girskis are specially-trained to perform the entire implant procedure from beginning to end, so unlike other dentists who force their patients to visit multiple doctors, they’re able to help people renew their smiles in one convenient location. This not only saves time and money but stress as well. And, unlike the few general dentists who offer this type of all-in-one service, our doctors provide this treatment all the time and have completed countless successful cases.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Natural tooth and dental implant support tooth animations

Because tooth loss is always different from person to person, each patient requires a unique dental implant treatment. As a result, the overall cost of the procedure can vary quite a bit. When you come to see us for an implant consultation, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions, including those about price, so that you can begin your treatment process with peace of mind.

While it’s true that dental implants tend to be more expensive than traditional bridges and dentures, they usually help patients save money in the long run. A well-made bridge or denture will typically need to be replaced every five to seven years, while an implant can easily last for the rest of a patient’s life, meaning they’ll spend thousands less on their new teeth over the years.

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